yoyo & waffles

yoyo (she/her)

HELLOO! I'm Yoyo from Hong Kong.

My tattoo bread and butter is micro-realistic pet portraits, and cute illustrative realism. Anything weird and cute I love! 

I'm also a cosmetic tattoo artist, specializing in ombre-powder brows, hyper-realistic machine hair stroke brows, eyeliner tattoos, and natural-tint lip blush.

LOOKY HERE for more cosmetic tattoo info if you're interested in hassle-free mornings.

Other random facts about me ʕ。•ܫ•ʔ.
✿  Prior to tattooing, I was a  preschool teacher. I also taught stop-motion animation to little children.
I have a bengal-mix named Waffles. I call him my Walmart bengal heheh.
 A big plate of fries and a yummy red sangria is my perfect meal.
✿ My favourite colour is yellow!

I'm open for customs! For available flashes please take a look at my 'Avail Flashϟ" highlight on Instagram.