service list
permanent makeup by @yolkyolkyo (formally @sunsetinkbeauty)

all PMU appointments require a non-refundable  booking fee to book. this booking fee goes towards your total investment and holds your spot on the calendar. 

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ombre-powder brows


ombre-powder brows
can be soft and pretty like a light makeup fill or a fierce, bold “Instagram brow”. no hair strokes are placed, instead colour is implanted covering the surface of the brows. 

nano brows
fluffy and realistic hair-like strokes are implanted with a tattoo device. it is a much more gentle technique compared to microblading with better shape and colour retention. 

combination brows
uses both techniques of hairstrokes + shading resulting in natural-looking brows with a hint of makeup. this makes the brows look fluffier and more defined compared to just hair strokes. 

WAIT but what about microblading?
this is actually a service I don't offer but fortunately, nano brows is the better alternative to achieve the natural hair-stroke look.

old brow tattoo colour correction
session for neutralizing old brow tattoo colour that has changed colour.

classic eyeliner on hooded eyes

eyeliner tattoo
price varies depending on style and thickness of eyeliner

lash line enhancement
A thin line at the base of your lash line (not the waterline) to give the illusion of darker and fuller lashes.

classic winged eyeliner
soft-looking eyeliner with perfectly sharp wings. style and thickness of eyeliner is customized to each client. 

lip blush

lip blush
enhances the natural tint and defines the shape of your lips.

dark lip neutralization
neutralizes dark or discoloured lips.
may require multiple sessions.

touch ups (for permanent makeup clients only)

it is your responsibility to schedule your perfecting session and colour refreshes after each appointment within the specified timelines.

past 2.5 years, it is considered a new service and will be charged at regular service price; unless a promotion is being offered, with the exception of "new client only promos".

perfecting session (first touch-up) | $50
your perfecting session must be booked within 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment.

colour refresh within 6 months | $80
for existing permanent makeup clients only

colour refresh within 1.5 year | $150
for existing permanent makeup clients only

colour refresh within 2.5 years | $250
for existing permanent makeup clients only

if you have any questions, I'm always around for a chat!